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Bonjour and welcome to the home of Star Cross 7.  What is Star Cross 7 (shortened to SC7 in the interest of space - and saving my fingers...)?  It is an original sci-fi anime series I'm working on.

Navigation is simple.  The links above will change the frame to the left.  The links on the left will change this frame ^_^ 

Yes... this is my cheating, not quite a table, not quite iframe layout...  sorry if that bothers you.

This layout is based on stars... and "homeworlds" .  Of the crew only one is alien - she is Brilli and her name is Romi.  She is the girl in the picture and the guy is the Captain - he's human.  And I incorporated the logo!  The SC7 part still needs some smoothing out.  But I like the underneath lettering ^_^


Most Recent Update


Monday, March 06, 2006

- Andrea

Not really much here today.  But, I fixed stuff!  Navigation should be working correctly again, and the Past Layouts link is up.


Monday, December 5, 2005

- Andrea

Sorry about the long and unexpected hiatus... my computer totally crashed and I had to save money to buy a new motherboard and new hard drives. But now it is all better.  And as an apology we re-open with a new layout and  episode 2!  Yay!

So... enjoy ^_^