It’s the year 17,698 TEY (Tennelian Empire Year) – that’s somewhere in the late 23rd century for us humans, but since we’re now part of the universal community and the Tens (that’s earth slang for Tennelians) own just about everything (except us) we follow their standards of measurement. 

            Confused yet?

You will be…

The Tennelians are an incredibly old race, extremely intelligent and enlightened.  They are kind, just, fair, they’re the very definition of the word ‘good’, and most of the universe has willingly submitted to their rule for millennia.  We (that’d be humans) are currently under treaty with the Tens.  The alliance is similar to those earth countries formed in the early 22nd century.  We are not part of the empire, though we posses many of the same rights and privileges.  Not that Tennelian rule would be so bad, but humanity has always valued independence.  As it is, we have the best of both worlds.