1. Who do you host through?

    - this is a subdomain, so I technically am hosted by mirage-moon.net  But I own that too, so I guess I'm hosted through surpasshosting.com

2. Where do you get your graphics?

    - the starscapes come from http://www.takahashiamerica.com/  but I mess with them heavily... I make my own graphics, because... well, where else would I get graphics for a story I made up?

3. What programs do you use?

    - Frontpage, Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Photodraw, Corel Painter Essentials 2

4. Hardware for graphics?

    - Visioneer OneTouch 9220 USB (scanner)

    - Wacom Intuos tablet


    This site used to be a part of exclamationanimetion.com, but when I lost that domain (switched hosts) I had to get a new domain... it came with unlimited subdomains ^_^ So now we're our own subdomain, YAY!!!