The Twins








      Names: Tai (left) & Tea (right)  Matsuki

      Race: Human

      Age: 26

      Height: 5'11"

      Hair: Green

      Eyes: Violet

              Tai and Tea Matsuki, pilot and engineer.  Arguably brilliant, the two argue brilliantly, err... incessantly, but they really do depend on one another.  Heís an easy going flirt (arenít all pilots?), and she has no use for romance (but she isnít actively against it Ėunless it keeps her brother from helping her recalibrate the navigational sensors).  Itís a wonder the two havenít killed each other yet (but then that could probably be said of all siblings).  Their parents were renowned astrophysicist (which would be where they got their smarts from) and the two attended the best private schools, graduating at the top of their class.  But when the time came to attend a university the two skipped out Ė literally.  Abandoning the ambitions their parents had for them, they joined the racing circuit.  For several years they raced two man crafts - he as pilot, she as engineer Ė until their sponsor dropped them after a minor skirmish off one of the major courses (seems war makes business men nervous).  Rather than return home the two trained with the Shikoshounin for a brief time before posting applications to join a crew.