The Stowaway


        Name: Tadahiko Arishima (Tad)

        Race: Human

        Age: 17

        Height: 5'8"

        Hair: Brown

        Eyes: Brown

            Tadahiko (Tad) Arishima, his name implies moodiness, and he is definitely that.  He's moody, sullen… and he picked the wrong hold to hide in.  Or so it seems.  He’s an orphan, being pursued by social services and he doesn’t want to go back.  Of course, he doesn’t tell our crew that when they find him.  Since they don’t have time to take him back to Earth, he goes with them.  Their intent is to leave him at the space station, but as long as he’s there he has to work.  Turns out he’s a great tinkerer, and a quick study (do I sense an ops officer in the making?)  By the time they reach the station he’s learned discipline and respect (and even how to smile.)  But social services has found him out and followed him.  The Captain decides to fight the system and the boy is allowed to stay on as a permanent member of the crew.  

 He’s about 5’8”, putting him just between Kat and Soto (which is probably a good thing, seeing as these are the two he deals with most), and still has that teenage lankiness.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.