The First Officer


        Name: Katsumi Nakamoto (Kat)

        Race: Human

        Age: 25

        Height: 5'8"

        Hair: Blonde

        Eyes: Green

           Katsumi Nakamoto (better known as Kat) was rescued from the rough and tumble streets of a dangerous Earth colony at the age of 12, after being orphaned six years before.  She’s street smart, witty, quick on her feet, determined, and an expert at unarmed combat.  She was taken in by a wealthy political family who gave her the love she needed to soften her hard edges, and the education to back her natural leadership skills - transforming her from a self sufficient, tough, street urchin to a self confident, capable, but friendly 25 year old woman.  She can be all business, and she knows what she wants and how to get it – but she’s been known to let her hair down.

          Physically she’s nothing to put down.   She's tall, with a slim, toned body from her years on the street and then in martial arts training.  But since her street days she’s changed from scrawny to pleasantly slim and curved in all the right places.  She moves with a catlike grace and efficiency.