The Alien


        Name: Romi

        Race: Brilli

        Age: unknown

        Height: 5'4"

        Hair: Purple

        Eyes: Black

            Romi (no last name) is quiet and shy, and always stuck between the twins (poor thing!)  She is the ship’s communications and navigation officer (which included mapping and astrometrics) – a duty she shares with the ship’s pilot.  She can move noiselessly and comprehend thousands of languages (most of which she also speaks fluently) including several forms of computer code.  She has a great head for maps and mathematics.  She’s not technically part of the Shikoshounin, but she’d never let her friends down.

          Romi is a member of a race called the Brilli.  Standing at 5’4”, she is incredibly slim and lanky (by human standards, but then she isn’t human so that makes sense), with pale markings along the sides of her face (if they go farther no one knows, as she always wears a full body suit).  She has no nose as we would recognize it, but instead a small horizontal ridge.  Her hair is pale lavender and her eyes are pure black.  Her age however, is unknown.