The Beginning

           Kenzan acquired the Phantom Star shortly after his stint in the military ended.  He gathered a crew of old friends, Seishinko like himself, who were looking to get out on their own for awhile.  Unfortunately, after only a few years, the crew dissolved due to a labor shortage that called them back to their respective familiesí ships.  Now, at 29, he must start again.  The only crew member staying on is his arms officer, whom he met during his short tour with Angelblade, an elite squadron of fighter pilots in the United Earth space force.  He takes on a first officer at the suggestion of an old friend and then reviews applications and records for other positions.  A fast and lasting friendship develops between Ken and his new first officer as they discuss the oddities of this new crew.  They quickly learn to pull together and become a family.  Which is good, because in space your shipmates are all you have.