Alien Races Cont'd

Misue: The Misue are blue, and the men are much darker than the women, almost black.  The Misue have small pointed ears (think Vulcans) Their hair tends toward pink, blue, and green.  There clothing is rather renaissance.

          The Misue are from Lathania and are members of the empire.

          The Misue are an easy people, but they live with very strict rules.  They still live under a caste system.


Entine: Green with black or red hair.  The Entine are very human as far as features go.

          From a planet called Enti, the Entine are from the inhabited solar system closest to Sehímarin and so have been members of the empire for a long time.


Vicon: The Vicon are one of the few non-humanoid races in the empire.  There bodies appear to be metallic and they have conical appendages (long, slim cone for legs and small cones for fingers.

          The Vicon are from Relga 9. They are members of the Empire.

          The Vicon are rather isolated but they are dependable.


Bracken:  The Brackenís most distinctive feature is that they have two forearms sprouting from each Ďelbowí, they tend to be athletic and therefore fit.

          They call their world Flarn and they are allies of the empire but not members.

          The Bracken were once warlike, and still are warriors, but they have dedicated themselves to peace.  Still, they have one of the best militaries in the known universe and live strictly disciplined lives.


Tarmins: The Tarmins have long, thin necks and round faces, with no hair and two antennae with a second pair of eyes on them.  They can be any of a myriad of colors and are very short.

          From Tarmin, they are neither for, nor against the empire, and live just outside the Tennelian Empireís borders.

          Tarmins are very easy going with little discipline, they enjoy a good time.


Mirínatil:  The Mirínatil have small rounded faces with large eyes that dominate their face.  They have no nose or ears and have anywhere from one to three small, conical horns on their heads.  They have webbed feet and hands.  They are brown.

          They call their planet Mirínt and are allies of the Tennelians.

          They are generally cheerful and optimistic, but very responsible.  They are very good with machines and computers.  Their webbed appendages imply they once lived in water, and indeed, their planet is mostly water.